The technology

Olfactory innovative technologies, environmentally friendly 

Create a scent ambience in line with its surroundings allowing you to associate a unique emotion, strengthening and embracing the brand identity.


AERYUM offers unique concepts and innovative patented olfactory technology to create a new dimension for your brand. Our wide range of scenting systems offers optimum efficiency and diffusion of fragrance with the highest quality. Our fragrance diffusers only work with pure fragrances, undiluted (no alcohol or harsh chemical solvents) resulting in optimal olfactory and of course conforming to the latest regulations (IFRA and REACH). Without altering the scent or spitting, our diffusion systems use no propellant (pollutant) or combustion nor heating of perfumes, ensuring fragrances are not altered, hence not posing any risk to health while being environmentally friendly.


Scent your retail space, hotel or spa with your scent signature. Aeryum offers a range of products for perfuming small to large environments, stand-alone or connected to HVAC systems. State of the art technology and Timeless design . The latest generation of high-tech scent systems standing out in technology, timeless design and high quality offering optimum efficiency and dissemination of the highest quality fragrance.